Kyle Brown Jr, pictured in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, January 2024



Josef Albers

Andy Warhol

Georgia O'Keefe



Pastel Drawing, Printmaking



Kyle Brown Jr is an American contemporary artist, a native of the Deep South, born in Decatur, Georgia in 1970. He lives and works now in South Carolina. Self-taught, he was introduced to visual arts at a young age, and has established a sustained rhythm of production and exploration across various mediums, including pastel drawing, printmaking, and painting. 

Kyle is also a humanitarian aid worker, beginning in Africa with the Rwandan genocide in 1994, and most recently during the war in Ukraine in 2022-2023. His art is spurred on by these life experiences. He says: "I find art to be a meaningful answer to the complex problems of our modern world.”

In the studio, Kyle creates art directly from his life and surroundings. He seeks simplicity in his artwork, taking guidance from Mark Rothko with the quote: “We favor the simple expression of complex thought… There is no such thing as good painting about nothing.”